Oil office in the warehouse of 30 TL Chip-earning money

At the Axess member oil Office stations participating in the campaign between 16 July – 15 August 2017,
Akbank POS devices will be held on different days and at one time 100 TL and above 3. A total of 30 TL chip-money gifts that can be used for fuel or autogas purchases, again for fuel or gas intake.
To start taking advantage of the campaign, before the first expense, the original cardholder's
and send SMS to 4566 by typing "PO" once on the mobile phone number to which the card is being spent.
Must. The campaign details are as follows:
• The campaign is at Axess member oil Office stations between 16 July-15 August 2017
• The first expenditure on the same day 100 TL and above is included in the campaign.
• Within the scope of the campaign, the Axess member workplace of Akbank Axess POS in Petrol Ofisi stations
Must be made via the terminal.
• Campaign Axess, axess business, Free, wings, wings business, Neo, Neo business, Kobi Axess
Can benefit.
• The campaign is on a customer basis. The sum of the expenses that a customer will make with their principal and additional cards
Can make a total of $30 chip-money from the campaign at most once.
• The use of existing chip-currencies is not covered by the campaign. In cancelled transactions, chip-money
The gains will also be cancelled.
• The chip-money earned will be uploaded to the card immediately and from the moment it was installed on August 22, 2017
All Axess members participating in the campaign will be held at the oil office stations for the next fuel or
It can be used in autogas purchases.
• Unused chip-Money will be deleted on August 23, 2017.
• SMS sent for participation will be charged at 0.65 TL including VAT and ÖIV by all operators.
The expenses of the cardholders who do not register by SMS will not be considered as part of the campaign.
• Akbank T.A.Ş. and Petrol Ofisi A.Ş. reserves the right to stop and change the campaign.
• Detailed information www.axess.com.tr and www. petrolophy. com. tr.

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