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Eren PETROL TİC, which was established in 1979 with our expanding business volume, was initiated by civil engineer Ali Ethem Yildirim to conduct construction contracting works. It's a building. And SAN. LTD. STİ. and participating companies and 38 years.

Eren PETROL TİC, established in 1994. BUILD AND SAN. LTD. STİ. in addition to the construction contracting works, the commitment and marketing works of fuel products in wholesale and retail are carried out continuously.

In addition to the superstructures featured such as telecommunications buildings and radio transmitter stations in the entire working life, many superstructure constructions such as schools, hospitals, mosques and housing, as well as infrastructure works such as dams, inner-city telephone network, sewerage and irrigation network have been completed and put into service.

Our understanding of engineering needs and specialization in the sector is the commitment and construction of road constructionsuch as curbs, field concrete, walking and cycling paths, concrete barriers, New Jersey, V canal, which are maintained and carried out on site with concrete finisharia ingenuity, and the commitment and construction of road construction such as the New Jersey, V channel, 4EREN MÜH. It's a building. SAN And TIS. LTD. STİ. is carried out within the company.

Our company, which prioritizes engineering requirements in all its projects, has a rightful accolade in the region with the fact that the multi-storey structures built in earthquake zones such as Adapazari, Kocaeli, Bursa and Yalova were undamaged in the 1999 Gölcük earthquake.



Civil Construction Y.Engineer Ali Ethem Yildirim in 1980 by the person company

established as and eren petrol tic in 1994. Build. and San. Ltd. with the name of Sti

in the infrastructure and superstructure areas since the company's establishment.

is committed to the official and private sectors.

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Construction Y.Engineer Ali Ethem Yildirim in 1980

established as a personal company and in 1994 Eren Petrol Tic. Build. and San. Ltd. Sti

by taking the field of activity into the fuel sector.

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Up to 200 meters per hour without obstacles to vehicle and pedestrian traffic with sliding molded concrete finia

high-strength concrete roads with high quality appearance, concrete road buns, high-quality view, fast outlet area,

Production of industrial structures such as Newjersey and V Channel made in the carriageway.

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